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Jewelry Care Do's & Don'ts



  1. Precautions
  • Avoid Leaving On Chemically Treated Surfaces Like Polished Wood, Bar Table (exposed to alcohol),Vanity etc.
  • Always Use Jewelry After Wearing Perfumes, Cosmetics etc., as chemicals used in these may interact with the precious metal.
  • Try storing your valuable jewels in air tight bags like ziplock which will prevent them from exposure to moisture.
  • Always put Silica pack near your jewelry pieces to absorb excess moisture
  • Remember to place your jewelry pieces in safe place before taking Swim , Spa ,Sauna.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight which may lighten or fade the color of your gemstones , though it may not effect natural Diamonds.
  • Avoid keeping natural diamonds jewelry with other pieces as diamonds are hardest substance and can scratch your other jewelry pieces easily.
  • Also try keeping your Gold jewelry , Silver jewelry ,Costume jewelry in segregated way , as low quality stones used in costume jewelry may leave color which might damage your valuable ones.



  1. How To Clean Your Jewelry


  • Silver Polish :The best way to clean tarnished silver pieces and keep them from re-tarnishing as quickly is with a good silver polish, which contains ingredients that dissolve and remove tarnish while leaving behind a protective coating to prevent new tarnish from forming. Use microfiber cloth with one side to clean and remove tarnish and a second one to buff for shine.
  • Use dish soap: Mix a few drops of dish soap, with warm water. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and use it to rub the silver to remove the tarnish. Rinse with cool water and buff dry with another soft cloth.
  • Baking soda: For heavier tarnish, mix three parts of baking soda to one part water. Wet the silver and apply the paste with a soft lint free or microfiber cloth. Work it into the crevices and turn the cloth as it picks up the tarnish. Rinse well and buff dry.
  • Toothpaste or Tooth Powder : As Mild abrasives in toothpaste remove stains from your teeth, they can also remove tarnish from silver. Apply little bit of regular toothpaste (not gel) to tarnished silver and rub very gently with your finger or a soft cloth. Then, rinse well with warm water and buff to a shine with a soft cloth , same can be done with Tooth Powder for better results.
  • Gold & Diamond Jewelry : Gently bath in a solution of a few drops of dish soap and a little warm water. Put small jewelry pieces into a strainer before placing in the solution; large pieces can go directly into the bowl to soak for about five minutes. Swish the items around, then take them out, lay them on a soft cloth and go over the crevices and chain links with a regular toothbrushto dislodge any dirt trapped there. Return small pieces to the strainer and rinse everything under running water. Buff dry with a lint free cloth.
  • Invest In Ultra Sonic Cleaners : If your jewelry has debris , dirt stuck , try investing in not so expensive Ultrasonic cleaners which remove minute dust particles with ultrasonic waves without scratching or damaging your valuable pieces , however make sure to not use it for pieces having soft or porous gemstones , which might damage natural finish of real gemstones like pearls, turquoise etc. It is safe to use ultrasonic cleaners for natural diamond jewelry.
  • Last But Not The Least : If you find all of above tedious and not getting desired results , reach out to PRO , who are fully equipped with modern equipment to give your masterpieces a fresh new look. If you happen to buy jewelry from our store, we offer lifetime repair and care warranty *.



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